Full-Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout – The DOPE DOZEN

Equipment needed – dumbbells, bench or chair (just for tricep dips) & a yoga mat

Press play and follow along for a fierce, fast and fun workout! I’ll show options for various fitness levels. Here’s what’s goin’ down. 


4 exercises – 30 seconds each, back to back, two times through

  1. Jog
  2. Freestyle jump rope
  3. Squats with oblique twist knee-up
  4. Plank to single-leg down dog



12 exercises. Perform each for 50 seconds, with a 10-second break in between each for a total of 12 minutes per round. Take a 1-2 minute break after completing the full circuit (round one), and HIIT it for one more round. BOOM. OUT. enJOY your day!

  1. Squat w/Leg Lift
  2. Dive Bomber
  3. Wood Chop Right
  4. Wood Chop Left
  5. Burpees
  6. 2 Plank Rows, 8 Bent Over Rows, repeat ‘til the beep
  7. Curtsey Lunge Right
  8. Curtsey Lunge Left
  9. Push-up to Side Plank, alternate sides
  10. Surfers or Pivots
  11. Tricep Dips
  12. Clean & Press

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