TOP 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes and What To Do Instead


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Weight Loss Mistake #1 – TOO MUCH CARDIO

  • Cardio releases cortisol – a primary fat-storing hormone. After time, the scale gets stuck unless you keep increasing the duration of your workouts. BOO. You’re overall more stressed.
  • Increased appetite – you just eat back the calories ‘cause you’re so freaking hungry
  • Burn-out
  • Burn-off muscle, so the scale goes down but it isn’t just fat, yo!
  • Increased chance of injury


WHAT TO DO INSTEAD – 3-4 cardio workouts a week tops, unless you love it. Low-intensity cardio doesn’t apply to these 5 (walking, yard-work etc). I advocate getting some or all of your cardio in by doing weighted circuit workouts. If you up the pace, you get the best of both worlds – strength & cardio.

Weight Loss Mistake #2 – Ditching or severely restricting carbs

  • Energy plummets – you’re the cranky lady, STAY AWAY
  • Motivation plummets because your energy is low
  • Deprivation mentality surges, because everyone likes carbs, especially our bodies
  • See fast results at first because your glycogen stores are depleted, not necessarily because you’re losing fat
  • You could do the whole keto-diet thing, 10% or less of your diet is carbs and start using ketones for energy, but the food is often more expensive, time-consuming, and limits what you can eat. You can go this route, but it’s a decent-sized commitment.


WHAT TO DO INSTEAD – Get at least 400 calories a day from carb sources (vegetables, fruits, grains, starches, legumes) if you’re eating in a calorie deficit, but track your calories to stay in a caloric deficit. 1/3 – ½ of your daily caloric intake can come from carbs and you’ll still get great results. The big weight loss rule is – be in a caloric deficit, with a balance among macronutrients.

Weight Loss Mistake #3 – Developing a negative relationship with food

  • Fear of food – worried certain foods will make you gain weight
  • Become judgmental of others about food
  • Eating bland food you hate because you assume that’s how it’s supposed to be


  • No food will make you fat if you’re eating as much as you’re burning. When you’re learning portion sizes, and trying to lean down, track your food so you can feel confident you’re hitting a calorie deficit.
  • Always remember, food is fuel for your amazing body and life.
  • Identify what’s amiss in your relationship with food, and begin to rewire it. Use my free ’10-Minute Mindset Detox’ to get started.

Weight Loss Mistake #4 – Avoiding strength training for fear of bulking up

  1. I have seen girls who are too bulky. I know what you’re talking about. I am not the person who says, ‘You can’t get bulky.’
  2. There are ways you can get bulky lifting weights, but it involves really heavy weights, lots of reps and sets, and strategic consistency in taxing specific muscle groups, and steadily increasing resistance over weeks, months and years of training.

You want to strength-train because –

  1. It releases HGH hormone, the big dogs of fat-burning hormones. This helps your body shed fat. A 20-minute resistance training workout can increase your metabolism for 24 hours. This type of workout works for you long after you’re done!
  2. More functionally fit for your life, less chance of injury, increased bone density


WHAT TO DO – Lift medium to heavy, not crazy heavy weight. Do circuit workouts using many muscle groups. You’ll get some muscle, but not enough to look bulky. It’s the perfect balance for a toned, feminine look. Don’t go too light – you need to challenge your muscles.If you want a full, round booty – do more sets and reps to work those muscles, and go heavy.

Weight Loss Mistake #5 – Mindset needs a reset – limiting beliefs are sabotaging your ultimate goals

  • Various beliefs are putting a ceiling over your progress, because deep down you don’t believe something is possible, whether that’s your belief in yourself, your circumstances holding you back, your physical limits etc.
  • Whatever you believe, you will take actions that make it true, for better or worse.

WHAT TO DO – Identify limiting mindsets so you can finally breakthrough old set points! Download my free ’10-Minute Mindset Detox,’ to ditch the mental crapola and finally reach your goals.


This is part 1 of the Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes. After outlining the post, I realized there was so much valuable and ‘true-dat’ info, I thought it better to divide into 2 posts. The next 5 will be published soon! Much love, Jessica Joy



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