About Jessica Joy


After struggling with yo-yo dieting, feeling hijacked by food, and trying to fit in fitness, all while being a mom & wife and working as a personal trainer, I learned that traditional methods were sabotaging my health, and too many women were in the same boat. Aw, heck no!


I’ve spent 2 years researching and developing the strategies in my Slim Smart programs. I took all the information about transforming bodies and making lasting changes, and got to the bare bones of what works, what’s a waste of time, what’s worth every spec of effort, what’s flexible and what’s not. By using my strategies, I have helped many women get the energy, body and lifestyle they want, in a way that’s enjoyable and free of sacrifice for them and their families.


I am dedicated to helping 1,000,000 women ditch the unsustainable weight loss methods and replace them with smarter strategies to get and KEEP a healthy body & lifestyle they love!