Hi, I’m Jessica Joy. I’ve supported 1,000’s of women to transform their bodies over the past 8 years as a personal trainer and coach.

This journey has led me to create the F.E.M.M.E. Method – the best body transformation program to shape a celebrity body in a healthy, sustainable way. I coach it and live it!

Heads up – I EMPOWER (and sometimes PUSH) WOMEN TO BRING THEIR BEST! I believe being disciplined about reaching your goals is the deepest level of self-love!

I used to settle and play small far too often, thinking pretty good was good – I felt half alive. As I grounded into my power and allowed myself to be ALL IN with creating everything I really wanted, I felt fully alive and created more joy, vibrance and abundance!

I empower women to go after their BIGGEST dreams and not get complacent with pretty good because playing small isn’t the greatest service to YOU, your world and the world. So, if you’re not open to being pushed, this may not be the place for you. But, if you’re open to it, I know we can make incredible things happen!


After I had my kids, my reflection stunned me – I didn’t recognize my body, especially my tummy. I focused on exercising more and eating less to lose the baby weight, but my tummy pooch wouldn’t budge, and getting that toned look wasn’t happening, despite all the effort. I hid my tummy with loose tops and scarves, I tried exercising even harder and eating even cleaner, but it backfired. I created a negative relationship with food and gained 25lbs, despite consistent exercise.

From there, every time I lost weight, I’d gain it back. I felt stuck. Then, I hired a coach to heal my relationship with food.

I worked with a pelvic floor specialist to lose the mommy tummy by healing my lingering diastasis recti

Lastly, deep down, I’d always wanted a celebrity body, and finally felt worthy enough to go for it, and trusted myself to do it in a healthy way. I found a coach with the tools to get me there.

Over the years, I crafted my own approach with these pillars, and put them all together into a method I coach other women on that gives them the FULL PICTURE to transform their bodies to WOW status, while creating a healthy relationship with food and learning the balance of PUSHING THEMSELVES to bring their best! An amazing body is possible for you – I’ll empower you to get it!

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