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Flatter Tummy Workout

After I had my daughter, Aijah (almost 7 years ago, whoa), I could tell my tummy had changed, big time. 8 weeks postpartum, I was committed to improving my tummy and decided to start doing 5-minutes of ab work 6 days a week, for 6 weeks, and I DID IT. I was so proud! What […]

Flatter Tummy Video Series

In April 2019, I did a 3-week LIVE VIDEO series called, Healthy, Hot & Happy Mom. Each week featured a specific topic, and WEEK 1 was all about how to Flatten Your Tummy. I went live on my Facebook page every weekday, and wanted to have a convenient place for all the videos in one […]

Diastasis Recti Vs. Mommy Tummy

Is diastasis recti the same as mommy tummy? Does mommy tummy mean you have diastasis recti? Can you improve either one, especially if you had your baby/babies years ago? In this post & video, I’ll explain their differences and similarities, and give you 4 simple tips you can implement today to help you narrow your […]