40lbs Down Without Food Restrictions!

I want to cheer and cry at the same time. Does that make sense?
I’ve witnessed this woman TRANSFORM because of DECIDING to commit to being the best version of herself.
I remember our first conversation, hearing her struggles, pains, and DREAMS. She just wanted to feel better in every sense of the word.
Since day one she’s been COMMITTED – chipping away day by day at what we ask her to do.
She’s has lightened up in every sense: physically, emotionally, mentally. She is a LIGHT.
I never hear excuses; I simply see her doing her best every day.
Is she perfect? No. She’s consistent. That’s the WINNING TICKET. Well, consistent with what works 😉
SHE DECIDED to do this for HER. She committed to HERSELF. And never looked back.
These photos are exactly 1 year apart.
❤️ Where do you want to be in 12 months?!
It can be exciting/inspiring/lightening to think about, when you see what’s possible.
It takes vision and hope to believe your goals are possible. I hope her example helps. I believe every woman is worthy of feeling healthy, vibrant and confident in her body, and sadly, so many diets out there have kinda screwed it up. Pssst, it’s not YOU, it’s those diets.
🙌🙌🙌 Drop her some props. Applause. Standing ovation. She deserves it all. Love you, girl! 🏆🌟🔥
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