Diastasis Recti Vs. Mommy Tummy

Is diastasis recti the same as mommy tummy?

Does mommy tummy mean you have diastasis recti?

Can you improve either one, especially if you had your baby/babies years ago?

In this post & video, I’ll explain their differences and similarities, and give you 4 simple tips you can implement today

to help you narrow your diastasis recti gap and/or flatten mommy tummy.

DIASTASIS RECTI – A gap between the two vertical halves rectus abdominus (6-pack) muscle, caused by a stretching of the connective fascial tissue called the linea alba. The tissue simply was stretched (most commonly due to pregnancy, but sometimes it’s due to body mechanics, even men can have diastasis recti) and now causes a gap between your rectus and contributes to a poofy-looking tummy.

MOMMY TUMMY – This isn’t a technical term, some people call it mummy tummy, mom pooch, etc. This is caused primarily by weak transverse abdominal muscles (your deepest core muscle that wraps around your tummy like a corset). Other contributors are your core mechanic habits like breathing habits, posture habits & core-loading habits.

Learn what you can do about BOTH in the video below.



I want to help you flatten your tummy!

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Much love,

Jessica Joy