Travel Workout Routine | No equipment, bodyweight workout

This travel workout routine uses no equipment, just bodyweight, so you can roll out of bed while traveling, fit in your workout, and be on with your day. Having a go-to bodyweight workout like this creates an easy, hassle-free (no equipment) travel workout routine.

Once you have 1 -3 awesome hotel room friendly workouts, you can use them every time you travel.  And, you’re going to love this one. Every exercise is interesting, so you’re not stuck doing a bazillion sit-ups, push-ups, air squats and plain ol’ lunges. Oi. I don’t do boring workouts myself, so I don’t expect you to do them either. Haha!

I know for me, if I don’t workout in the morning when I’m traveling, it doesn’t happen. And, I also know if I don’t workout at least every other day while traveling, I have more cravings, I’m more lethargic, I’m less adventurous and all the clear-headedness I was looking forward to isn’t working out so well.

I know for some, the idea of exercising during travel and/or vacation can seem crazy, too hard or just a big, WHY?

Throughout my travel experiences I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way), I enjoy my travel WAY more when I fit in a quick (often sweaty) workout in the morning. It takes my day up a few notches, or several, EVERY time. It’s a fail-proof way to up my day. And, don’t you want to be feeling as great as possible on vacay/travel? Heck yes!

Here’s your new go-to travel workout routine!

WARM-UP – 30 seconds each, 2 times through

  1. Jog
  2. 180′ pivot + fan to narrow squat pulse
  3. Side to side bounce, progressively get lower
  4. Runner’s lunge, twist open. R side 1st round. L side 2nd round

WORKOUT – 50 seconds workout/10 sec. rest or 10 reps of each. Hit 2-3 rounds (Goal is 20-30 minutes of work)

Option – add weight to squats w/lateral leg raise & curtsey lunges

  1. Narrow squat, lateral leg raise R
  2. Plank walk-out to push-up, walk-in, repeat
  3. Narrow squat, lateral leg raise L
  4. 10 Mt Climbers to 1 jumping jack
  5. Curtsey lunge side to side, arms raised
  6. Superman to push-up
  7. Prisoner squats
  8. Side to side triangle lunges : )

Because I love you, and you’ll love me back! Give it a go, and let me know how it goes.


Much love,


Jessica Joy