Mindful Eating Exercise for Weight Loss (that’s fun!)

This mindful eating exercise will support your weight loss goals because it increases your satisfaction and enjoyment with food. Mindful eating is an important part of lasting weight loss, and this exercise will show you how fun and easy it can be to incorporate mindful eating into to your life, so you can feel so more satisfied with your food and curb overeating.


I used to eat passively like a champ. I’d eat standing in front of the pantry, I’d eat while walking back to my room, in the car, while having dinner with friends and whoa, my whole meal was gone before I even presently enjoyed more than the first bite. One time I even ate in the shower. (I had a big bite of something in my mouth and it was taking awhile to chew). Oh dear.

It took conscious effort to learn to eat mindfully, and have MEALS instead of being a perpetual grazer. And wow, I enjoy my food so much more now, I think about it way less, I’m more connected to my body and I love the balance it’s created in my life.

Being present with our food and our bodies while eating is really an amazing experience when we choose to make it that way. I’ll admit, sometimes my meals and snack time are really quick, but I still am conscious to be present with the food.

It’s easy to passively eat when we’re busy. I completely understand. But, when we’re not present with our food, we aren’t as satisfied, and when we’re not as satisfied, we just want more, so you have more. It sets us up for overeating, which leads to fatigue, weight gain and more.

Learning to eat mindfully will support you in creating a positive relationship with food, which sets you up for easy, lasting weight loss! 


Do this exercise once a day for a week. It’s not going to take any extra time because you’re already going to be eating anyways. 

Then, send me a message about the difference it’s making with how you eat!  Leave a comment here or email me at [email protected]

You will be amazed! I can’t wait to hear from you. 


Much love,

Jessica Joy

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