Yoga Workout For Weight Loss

This yoga workout for weight loss uses a circuit style format to get you sweating in 20-30 minutes. It’s a yoga workout designed for weight loss because it combines cardio, strength and flexibility all in one! Enjoy your yoga workout for weight loss.

These yoga circuits are one of my favorite workout styles because it’s such an enjoyable, bordering delicious, combo of stretching, strength and flowing with your body. You break a good sweat using just your bodyweight and you feel lengthened and loose afterwards. Hallelujah! Go at your own pace, tune-in to your body and flow through it.

How & when I use this workout 

If you’re just starting exercise or getting back into it, this is a great workout for you for the day. Do the warm-up + 2 rounds.

If you’ve been working out consistently for 4 weeks or more, do 3 rounds.


  • This circuit is a great warm-up. Do one round.
  • This circuit is great a bonus to add to the end of a more intense workout. I personally love doing 1 round of this after a short HIIT workout. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to access all my HIIT workouts –


Just a mat and follow me.

Warm up

Do each exercise for 30 seconds each, back to back. Complete 2 rounds, all while listening to your body : )

1. Jog

2. Squat pulse w/energy ball

3. Side to side lunge with a twist

4. Plank, runner’s lunge, front leg extention, return, alternate sides



Do each exercise for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds rest between each exercise. If you need more breaks, take them. Do 2-3 rounds with a 1 -2 minute rest between rounds. Or, you can count reps. I’d recommend 6 – 10 per exercise based on fitness level.

1. Crescent lunge + Warrior 3 + standing split, right

2. Crescent lunge + Warrior 3 + standing split, left

3. Chaturangas

4. Extended side angle to Reverse Warrior, right

5. Extended side angle to Reverse Warrior, left

6. Locust to Bow (hold each for 5 seconds)

7. Chair pose to front kick, grab or tap opposite foot, right

8. Chair pose to front kick, grab or tap opposite foot, left


Enjoy your yoga workout, Gorgeous!


Much love,

Jessica Joy


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