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Full-Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout – The DOPE DOZEN Equipment needed – dumbbells, bench or chair (just for tricep dips) & a yoga mat Press play and follow along for a fierce, fast and fun workout! I’ll show options for various fitness levels. Here’s what’s goin’ down.  WARM-UP 4 exercises – 30 seconds each, back […]

TOP 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes and What To Do Instead   Video Highlights Weight Loss Mistake #1 – TOO MUCH CARDIO Cardio releases cortisol – a primary fat-storing hormone. After time, the scale gets stuck unless you keep increasing the duration of your workouts. BOO. You’re overall more stressed. Increased appetite – you just eat […]

The Best Peanut Sauce That Makes Veggies Addicting

I have this peanut sauce recipe, and y’alls, it makes vegetables addicting. I am always telling my friends about it because, ya know, friends share their best secrets with each other. This peanut sauce is a gift from my heart to your taste-buds and body. Finding ways to make vegetables delicious is a game-changer for sticking […]