COMBO MAMBO HIIT – All Combo Exercises

I love this workout because all the exercises are combo moves, keeping your mind super engaged, which makes the time fly! Plus, it surprises your body to help avoid plateaus and keep the progress comin’.   EQUIPMENT– dumbbells (1 heavier set, 1 lighter set if possible), mat FORMAT  8 exercises 50 seconds work per exercise, 10 seconds rest between each 2 rounds 1-2 minute rest between rounds Bonus round – 4 upper-body exercises WARM-UP –  4 exercises, 30-seconds each, 2 times through 1. Jog, freestyle 2. Squat clap-throughs 3. Front kicks with opposite toe tap 4. Down dog to plank hovers EXERCISES 1. Side lunge to clean & press w/single-leg balance, right 2. Tricep push-up to chair pose 3. Donkey kick + step out + kick through, alternate legs 4. Bicep curl w/4 leg lifts, alternate legs 5. Side lunge to clean & press w/single-leg balance, left 6. Push-up + leg extension + knee-in crunch […]


Full-Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout – The DOPE DOZEN Equipment needed – dumbbells, bench or chair (just for tricep dips) & a yoga mat Press play and follow along for a fierce, fast and fun workout! I’ll show options for various fitness levels. Here’s what’s goin’ down.  WARM-UP 4 exercises – 30 seconds each, back […]

TOP 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make

Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes and What To Do Instead   Video Highlights Weight Loss Mistake #1 – TOO MUCH CARDIO Cardio releases cortisol – a primary fat-storing hormone. After time, the scale gets stuck unless you keep increasing the duration of your workouts. BOO. You’re overall more stressed. Increased appetite – you just eat […]